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2020 Kendallville Girls Softball League

Frequently Asked Questions


General information about our league.

Kendallville Girls Softball League is a community girls’ fast pitch softball league based in Kendallville, Indiana.  We play in the Noble Lagrange County Girls Softball League.


Is this league a travel ball league?

No.  This is a community ball league that only practices and plays from April 1st to July 17th.

Is there any travel involved?

Yes.  Our league plays our home games at the Kendallville Sports Complex.  Away games are played in the following locations:

Albion, Avilla, Ashley, Churubusco, Kimmell, Lagrange, Rome City, Wawaka, Westview High School, Wolcottville & Wolf Lake.

Is this a co-ed league?

No.  This league is limited to girls in grades K-8 in the East Noble School system.

My daughter attends a school outside of the East Noble school system.  Can she play for Kendallville?

Sometimes. There are exceptions that we do allow on case-by-case basis.  The best way to find out is to email us at [email protected] with a small description of the situation, and we’ll review and get back to you in a timely manner.  If a girl is home-schooled in the county, this would be allowable.  If the girl lives and attends a school outside of Noble County, then normally she is not eligible to play in Kendallville.  If a player has not been able to attain a position in another community, we may be able to find a place for you.  It is best just to ask.

How do I sign my daughter up?

For 2020, we’ve shifted our registration process online.  Online registration is available from now until March 6th, 2020.  If you’re reading this on the KGSL website, you’re real close to the “Register” button at the top right of the home page.  If you’re not able to sign up online, we can get you a form to fill out and return with payment.  We can email you the form to print and fill out.  If you don’t have access to a printer, you can pick one up or we can coordinate a meeting to get you one.  

I missed the March 6th deadline.  Can I still get signed up?

Probably!  After March 6th, all requests to sign up must be sent to [email protected] and we’ll get you a registration form.  If we have room on a team, we’ll put you in the system.  We’ve added girls up into the first week of May if there’s room on a team.  It gets a little more difficult after callouts, but we try our best to get anyone that wants to play on a team.  Community ball is all about community!

What are the costs involved in playing in this league?

Our registration fees are $50 for the first player, and $40 each additional player in the same household.  If you sign up online, SportsConnect charges a $3 service fee.  Each player is given a team t-shirt, shorts, and a pair of black socks.  We sell rolls of trash bags as a fundraiser each season.  We ask each household to sell a minimum of 5 rolls of trash bags, which is due by call-outs, March 11th.  If you’d rather not sell the trash bags, we do have a $25 opt-out fee.  These trash bags are a very nice product that people use every day.  These are the only fees our league has.  Remember, this is 16 weeks of fun for $50!  What a bargain!

Is there any incentive to sell trash bags?

Yes.  The girl that sells the most trash bags will receive a $100 cash prize.  The 2nd best seller receives a $75 cash prize, and the 3rd best seller receives a $50 cash prize.  These trash bag sales help us keep the registration cost at $50 each season.  Between league, ball-park, insurance, equipment, and umpire fees, it costs more than $50 per player to run the league.  Our sponsors & fundraiser offsets these additional costs, allowing us to maintain our initial cost to families each year.

What equipment does my daughter need to play?

Each player is required to have their own mitt and batting helmet with attached face mask.  Cleats are highly recommended.  No metal spikes are allowed.  All other equipment, including bats, is supplied by KGSL to the coaches.  Make sure bats and mitts are size-appropriate for your player.  Teeball and baseball equipment are not allowed.  If you choose to purchase a bat, it must be a fast pitch softball bat, 2-1/4” diameter, and have the ASA 2000 circle on it, or ASA 2004 home plate symbol on it.

If your daughter plans on playing softball for several years, a defensive face mask is an excellent investment.  We provide team masks for the infield players.  A bopped nose or eye can usually discourage younger players, and an emergency room visit can far exceed the $40 cost of the mask.  Please take this into consideration.  Rip-It & Schutt masks are the most common.  The league now buys Rip-Its because their pads are replaceable.

My daughter is signed up, what happens next?

March 11th, 2020, call-outs are held in the East Noble High School Auxiliary gym behind the main gym.  Park in the rear parking lot near beyond the tennis courts at the high school, entering on Henry Street.  Enter door 23.  Even if your player is returning to the same team as last year, we still ask that your player attend and go through the process.  Please arrive 15 minutes early to finalize paperwork & fundraiser forms.  The time for your player is as follows:


D-league, K - 2nd grade, 6:20-7:00pm

C-League, 3rd & 4th grade, 7:00-7:40pm

B-League, 5th & 6th grade, 7:40-8:20pm

A-league, 7th & 8th grade, 8:20-9:00pm


Please have your player bring their mitt and wear gym shoes.  Trash bag forms and money are due at that time, or the $25 opt-out fee if you choose to do so.


Our league does call-outs, where your player is given a number sticker when they sign in at call-outs, which matches a list of players that are given to our coaches that evening.  There are stations set up that practice batting, catching, and fielding.  The coaches observe the players for about 20 minutes, and then they convene in a separate room to draft their players.  This takes about 10-15 minutes, and then the players are called out by number, and they get to meet their coaches and fellow teammates.  Parents also get to meet the coaches.  Some coaches will have a whole packet prepared for you, others may not.  Once the season begins, things fall into place rather quickly.

We can't make it to call-outs on March 11th!  What do we do?
Your daughter will be drafted to a team sight-unseen.  If we've seen your girl play in the past and we have any idea of their skill, we'll inform the coaches.  Your coach will attempt to contact you within a week or two of call-outs.  Practices will begin after Spring Break, so you will hear from them by then.  If you would like to know your coach's contact info before then, email us at [email protected] and we can let you know.

Can I choose my daughter’s coach?

Essentially, no.  If there is only one team in a league, all girls end up on that team.  We usually have 2 teams in each league, so your daughter has a chance to be drafted to either team.  There are exceptions to this as well.  If your daughter played in our league last year, there is a spot on the registration form where you can say “yes” or “no” to that coach for this season.  If you circle “no”, and there’s only one other team, your daughter will be placed on that team.  We try to honor these requests fully.  You cannot check “no” to a coach if you’ve never played for that coach before.  The other caveat to this draft is if you choose “yes” on the registration form, the coach has the opportunity to place your player back into the draft if they don’t feel your player was a good match for them in the previous season.  There is still a chance your daughter can be drafted to their team, but a “yes” on your registration form does not guarantee that your daughter will be on that team. 


Coaches have the opportunity to keep players on their team for the 4-5 years of D & C, and then again for the 4 years of B & A.  All players are placed in the draft when they reach their first year of B-league.

Call-outs are over.  When do we hear from our coach about practice?

The weeks following call-outs are spring break.  Coaches may be on vacation, and spring break can be a busy time for many people.  Practices can start April 1st, but the coaches will probably hold off until April 6th to begin practices.  You should hear from your coach the first week of April.  The best plan is to get the coach’s number at call-outs, so you can text or call them direct with any questions you may have.

What nights are practices?

Most of the time, practices are held 2 nights a week, Monday through Thursday.  The coaches sign up for practice field time at the coaches’ meeting, and that is somewhat of a set schedule for the season.  Coaches determine the day and time of practices.  The younger leagues usually get the 5-7pm slots for practice, and the older girls take the 7-9pm slots.  Sometimes coaches take weekend slots, but it is not very common.  We recommend that practices happen once the temperature is above 40 degrees.  With the mild winter we’ve had this year, we should be able to start on time in April.  If you feel that conditions are not safe for practice for your player, please keep your player at home and notify the coach via text or phone call.  Players are expected to be at every practice possible when weather permits. 

What nights are games?

B & D leagues play Monday and Wednesday nights.

A & C leagues play Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Game times are 5:30pm and 7pm.


Weekend pre-season tournaments start in May that we use to get the jitters out of players and get them used to the game and field before the regular season starts.  This is a fun tournament that shows the girls how a softball game operates, so they’re prepared when the regular season starts the following week.   

Tentative dates

May 1-2, Friday-Saturday, C & D-league preseason tourney, location to be determined.

May 4, Monday, D-league regular season games begin.

May 5, Tuesday, C-league regular season games begin.

May 8-9, Friday-Saturday, B-league preseason tourney, Kendallville Sports Complex.

May 11, Monday, B-league regular season games begin.

May 15-16, Friday-Saturday, A-league preseason tourney, location to be determined

May 19, Tuesday, A-league regular season games begin.


Each team plays 12 games, which are usually split, 6 at home, and 6 away.

End of season tournament play the week of July 6th.

Because of county fairs, end of season tournaments are now single elimination.  The best seeded team will be the Home team throughout the tournament, so regular season games do matter.  In the final game, Home team may swap, depending on the brackets.

When do game schedules come out?

Game schedules usually come out the first week of May.  As soon as we get them from the county, we’ll get them to the coaches.

I want to volunteer.  What do I do?

Our league can only survive when people step up to coach and volunteer.  If you’d like to coach a team, please mark down on your daughter’s registration that you’d like to coach.  All candidates must submit to a background check with the Indiana State Police.  If you’d like to coach, and don’t have a player in our league, email us at [email protected] and we can set it up.  Coaching is fun and very rewarding.  No foul language or tobacco use is allowed around the players.  You will be a role model for these kids.


Our league is governed and operated by a group of Board Members.  We are in need of people to help run the KGSL Board of Directors.  The majority of our Board members don’t have players in the league anymore, and we need fresh new people to help carry the league forward!  As your player moves into high school, your role is complete on the Board, so it is important to keep parents involved in all age groups.  Starting with your second season of Board service, your players’ registration fees are waived.   

We’re having problems with our coach.  What do we do?

Coaches are people just like you.  Issues may arise during the season.  If you have a problem with a coach, your first course of action is to calmly discuss the issue with the coach at an appropriate time, after a practice or game.  If you approach a coach screaming and yelling at them, a satisfying resolution won’t be reached at that moment.  Please discuss the issue with your coach, and see if they can help you with the problem.  If you can’t reach a solution with the coach, please contact Scott Vorndran at [email protected], and he’ll be in contact with you about the problem.  Please remember, our coaches volunteer their time & resources to coach your player. 


I would like to purchase clothing similar to my player’s uniform.  What do I do? 

We sell Spirit Wear, which can match your player’s uniform.  We’ll hand out Spirit Wear forms to your coach around the beginning of April.  We need them back by April 22nd.  We try to have Spirit Wear items ready as quickly as possible, usually a week or two.  We usually make second and third orders as well.

Does the league take team pictures?

Yes.  Pictures will be at the YMCA.  We use Frederick’s Photography to take team and individual pictures.  Frederick’s does a very professional job, and uses the YMCA gym to take the pictures.  Parents are asked to stay in the hallway to keep things flowing smoothly.  Our picture day is scheduled for May 6th this year.  Times will be determined at a later date.  You are not required to purchase pictures, but we do ask all players to show up for the team picture.

When will uniforms be distributed?

We need uniforms for preseason games on May 1st.  We should have them distributed a few days before then.  Weather permitting, we’ll hand out everyone’s uniforms at the same time on a day at the end of April at the Kendallville Sports Complex.  We’ll have the girls put their uniforms on and gather with their team.  We’ll take a league picture.  Last year’s pictures are available for download on our Facebook page.  It was a cool event we’ve tried to coordinate for several years, and we finally made it happen in 2018.  Weather didn’t allow it in 2019.  We’ll try it again this year. 

What rules does this league play by?
Our league plays with IHSAA High School rules.  We do have a few amendments to make the league better for younger girls, but for the most part, IHSAA rules rule!  Each coach is given a rule book and amendments, which are also reviewed at the coach's meeting.  Several of our Board members are also IHSAA-certified umpires, so we can be a great resource if you have questions about the sport of softball. 

I have unanswered questions?  What do I do?

Please email us at [email protected] and ask!  We’ll respond to you, and update these questions to help others. 


Thanks for your interest, and let’s have a great season!

Your Kendallville Girls Softball League Board

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